The cooking utensil that saves you money, enhances flavour and improves your health!

Our HEALTH is dear to each one of us. But what are you doing to ensure that you're getting the most nutrition from your food for you and your family?
AMCO™ WATERLESS COOKWARE is specially designed to cook without water using the moisture naturally stored in fresh foods.

How? The THERMIC BASE holds the heat while using less fuel; the well-fitted lid holds in the natural moisture allowing the food to self-steam. It cooks on low heat using less fuel and less time. (No other cooking system can do that!)

The nutrition is preserved and the taste is remarkable. It's possible to cook several vegetables in the same pan even if they have different cooking times and different smells. The flavour is locked in and the nutrition retained.

Using the natural fats in fish and meats enables you to cook GREASELESS without excess cooking fat, thus avoiding unhealthy fats.

Cooking without salt means tasting the natural flavours instead of artificially added ones which have negative effect to our health. You won't need much salt at all, and you can throw away those artificial "flavour enhancers".